Hurricane Panels

Does hurricane season stress you out? Looking for a cost effective way to protect your home from storms? Got lots of hurricane panels but don’t know which windows they cover?

You’re not alone. Many of our customers have the same concerns. In fact, does this sound familiar to you?

  • You recently moved to Lee County.
  • Panel shutters, bushings, and bolts came with the house.
  • But all of them are unlabeled.
  • You have no idea which windows they go on.
  • The bolts and bushings have been stripped or painted, making panel installation difficult.
  • The panels you have are non-transparent and keep you in the dark.

No worries! The Screen Doctor has the solution for all of your concerns. Imagine being able to put your panel shutters up with ease and know your property is secure and protected while you’re at home or away. Sounds great right?

5 benefits of choosing The Screen Doctor for panel shutters

1) Freedom to choose
You can choose from aluminum, clear polycarbonates, or steel. Steel panels tend to have sharp edges and are heavy. So although we can fabricate them, we don't typically recommend them.

2) Take inventory & provide instruction
If you already have equipment, we can help you take inventory of your panels and appropriate fasteners. We will teach you how to install your panels at a moment’s notice with little effort.

3) A great value
If you need new shutters, then you're in good hands. Out of the 5 options we provide for hurricane protection, panel shutters are the least expensive and a much better alternative to plywood because plywood does not meet code. When a storm is bearing down on Southwest Florida, residents who are unprepared flock to stores selling plywood, and they sell out fast! With your new panels and sound hurricane plan, you'll be fully prepared for any storm.

4) Fully customizable
Whether you have custom windows, oversized sliding screen door openings, or a new paver deck installed, The Screen Doctor has the ability to modify standard and custom openings to make your job easier when it's time to "batten down the hatches."

Your panels can be installed easily by inserting them into the top track and securing them in the bottom track with easy-to-use wing nuts. In addition, these tracks can be customized for stucco banding and different window projecting.

There is enough stress that comes with a hurricane, without the aggravation of putting up and taking down your storm panels. But with our custom-built tracking system, you will never complain about putting up your storm panels again.

5) Superior tracking system
We offer a more efficient and user-friendly tracking system that utilizes H, U, and F shaped tracks. These tracks and angles enable easy and safe installation by eliminating ladders on single story homes and dramatically reduce installation time to a minimum.

Hurricane panels installed in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and Naples

If your home or condo is in Lee or Collier County (including Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, and coastal beaches) we will travel to you and provide a free estimate. If you're still not sure and you want to learn more about hurricane panels, click here. Otherwise, let our hurricane protection experts come and assess your situation to make installing your storm panels a BREEZE.

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