Acrylic, Vinyl & Glass Sliders

Would you like to turn your screen room into additional living space? Want your lanai to be clean and ready for use when returning to your winter home? Want to stop outdoor elements from damaging your patio furniture?

Then having an acrylic enclosure is a wise investment. It prevents and protects from the following nuisances:

  • Mold and mildew on patio furniture that are exposed to the elements.
  • Not being able to enjoy your lanai because it’s too hot outside.
  • Noisy neighbors and/or roadways.
  • Exposure to neighbors and the elements. (Improves privacy).
  • Dirt and dust all over your patio furniture and floors.

Vinyl makes for flexible window panes, while acrylic is rigid, both can be transparent for maximum visibility or tinted for privacy and solar protection, both are clearer, lighter, and more impact-resistant than annealed glass (that may shatter).

Main benefits of acrylic, vinyl, and glass enclosures

Temperature control
By enclosing your balcony or lanai, you’ll get the best of both worlds. When temperatures are mild in the morning, open the acrylic sliders to enjoy fresh air. In the afternoon, simply close them and turn up the A/C.

Additional space to live
Enjoy more living space and open your home when space is needed in a climate controlled environment that keeps out elements and provides sun control (when accompanied by custom sun shades).

Your lanai stays cleaner
Tired of constantly sweeping, mopping, and dusting? Acrylic sliders minimize dirt and debris from entering your lanai. Simply close your sliders to stop inclement weather from blowing in dirt and rain. You'll protect your patio furniture and flooring in the process.

Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, & SW Florida

The Screen Doctor will come to your home, free of charge to assess your needs for your new living space. We custom measure, order, and install all systems with our superior Window Craftsmen, Inc. acrylic sliding system.

If you are looking to just keep out the elements, a full-view system will do. However, if you are looking for more of a seasons room, we recommend allowing us to insulate below the chair rail. This insures that you’ll be able to run your air conditioner and enjoy your new space.

Screen Doctor builds out the host framework to accept the new window system so that your screen wall is still accessible should you need future screen repair. All enclosures are built to current FL building code using the best building products available on the market. By using polyester protection, the exterior of your new enclosure will look like the exterior of your home.

FAQs about sunrooms

Q: Out of acrylic, vinyl, or glass, which one does the Screen Doctor recommend?
A: We are biased towards acrylics for the following reasons:

  • Acrylics are guaranteed to never fog, fade, or cloud.
  • Glass is way more expensive and it's too heavy to take out the panes and clean them. So it's very difficult to clean the backside of glass panes.

Q: Can my acrylics scratch?
A: Yes, if misused or cleaned improperly. But most scratches can be buffed out using our 3-part system to bring back their shine.

Q: How should I clean my acrylics?
A: First, make sure that your irrigation system isn't spraying directly onto your sliders because the iron and mineral deposits will make them look ugly. Second, never use ammonia. Instead use soap and water. Finally, never use abrasive cleaners or rags.

Q: Why should I consider the Screen Doctor over other sunroom contractors?
A: Here are a number of ways in which we work harder than our competitors:

  1. We custom measure window systems to minimize viewing obstructions by matching vertical posts with window vents (or eliminating posts altogether) by building new screen walls with panoramic.
  2. Custom building insulated knee walls and window systems eliminate horizontal spreader bars and minimize view obstructions for a nice clean panoramic view.
  3. You won't have to worry about hiring contractors for screens, window systems, electric, portable A/C units, or painting because we handle every facet of the job.

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